Guided Climbing

Max is an AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructor and a member of the instructional team at the Petra Cliffs Mountaineering School. Throughout the year, there is a wide range of climbing to be had. From instruction and coaching in the gym to rock and ice climbing in New England, there is an abundence of offerings avaliable. For more information, hit the contact button below! 


Indoor Instruction

From climbing movement to learning to lead, take your climbing skills to the next level. Climbing gyms offer a safe, controled working enviornment for advancing your climbing skills! 


Rock Climbing

New England is home to fantastic rock climbing of all types. From introductory days for the whole family to custom adventures there is no shortage of fun to be had and skills to learn. To learn more, contact me below. 


Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing is a fast growing, adventurous sport that can be enjoyed by those with all levels of experience. New England's ice climbing is some of the best in the country. Join me and find out for yourself how much fun it truly is! 

The Colorado Outward Bound School offers a year round selection of amazing courses for individuals of all ages. From rafting in the Southwest, to mountaineering in Alaska, be sure to check out the incredible opportunities to discovery yourself through the outdoors. Click the logo above for more information, or hit the contact button below.